October 03, 2005

World History Blog: Terrorism and the Philosophy of History

The post at World Blog of Miland Brown titled "Terrorism and the Philosophy of History" attracted my attention not for the word "Terrorism" but "the Philosophy of History". The title takes to the site of Essays in Philosophy, A Biannual Journal, Vol 3, Special Issue, April 2002.

The essays is a comment on John Rawls views. However, there is a section titled Political Philosophy and History which can be useful both for the students of Political Science and History.

While I was browsing through the various posts on the World History Blog after a couple of weeks, I just had this feeling that one can just feed on the work of Milan Brown, the author, after a week. Visit the links which he gives and then study the material if it is of any interest to your general and immediate reading. It helps.

Many directories are coming out using different technologies in the field of IT. However, in this blog, a person is not using a technology but a human rationality to search. It has raised an issue. The issue is that what is the use of technology if there is not human being behind. A day may come when technology help to get for you anything which you want. But needs the product of technology; it is the Human rationality. The various directories have given list of numerous sites and links. There is summary also which the softwares of the site squeeze for you. However, here, in this blog, the summary is given by a Human being. Can there be a comparison between which is done mere by artifical intelligence of the IT and the human intellegience.

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