February 03, 2013

Spinning Clio: Introduction to Historical Methods

Oh Boy, what should I say?
Before I say anything further, those who are interested in Historical Methods, especially those who are pursuing MA History, Semester system from Punjab University Chandigarh in the fourth semester, they first check HERE.

I am blogging since 2004. It was in 2005, I located this essay. The essay is written by an engineer who is interested in History and had acquired a degree in History. The visitors who will explore the link, will learn about the actual contents of the essay and the source of the contents of the essay.

Now when I am preparing my lecture for my class, I felt the need of visiting this essay. Presently, I can not write much but, it was an experience to relocate this essay through the links maintained on my blogs. I was not able to locate the link from this blog. I wonder that if this is going to be re-posting of this link. But I would say one thing, the Internet is definitely one way of learning and sharing. The education system must undertake some serious studies to make it more effective. They are doing it since long under the title of ICT but I do not see it around. I am trying to do it since 2004 but I do not feel encouraged. But, today, my faith in my paradigm is reinstated.

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