May 25, 2006

Munshi Premchand Stories online in Hindi

At the blog Munshi Premchand ki Kahniyan, one can read the short stories of Munshi Premchand in Hindi online. (The visitors to the blog of Munshi Premchand are requested to read the post at To the Readers of Munshi Premchand. )

The author has not revealed his identity but he is probably a person by the name of Raman.

He has done a great job. I think, it is one example of its kind, wherein some Indian has tried to do some substantial work on internet in order to exploit the full potential of this medium and technology for the benefit of the language Hindi as well as the History of India. Munshi Premchand is the first writer who tried to talk about the common man in simple Hindi. His stories reflect the time of early twentieth century and also the struggle of Indians against the British Imperialistic rule.

I think the people who are maintaining the Digital Library of India may look at this work and learn what it actually means to creat a digital library. By giving a list of links to other libraries which have already done the job, is no substantial work. They should also check the last posting on Social Scientist.

I was just wondering about the hardword and technichal excellece of the author of the blog Munshi Premchand. It is very difficult to convert the Devnagri into UTF-8 and then post it on Whenever your posting is more than two or three pages, blogger takes time to upload it. Sometimes all your efforts go waste. However, this guy had achieved a hurculean task.

The people who are working on social history of 20th century India, will definitely find this source useful provided they know to read Hindi.


  1. hi , i read your appreciation given to the cretor of munshi-premchand blogger..... I want to know how i can put a page of hindi to my blog site.....

    wishing for your success

    thanks & regards

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I was looking for a collection of stories in Hindi and am delighted to see it is available now. Your effort is commendable. Keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Sumir,
    I am very impressed with the work you have done. Bringing Mushi Premchand's timeless stories to Internet and thereby making them accessible for everybody is a great job. I appreciate your efforts and would like to contribute in any way possible.

    I am a software engineer. My email address is Please let me know if you have any work related to my profile.

  4. pintu3:45 PM

    namstey samir ji
    aapki yeh pryash bahut hi acha hai.main kaafi dino se net per hindi sahitya ki kahanio ka sangrah chata tha jismein ki premchand,saratchand aur inhik jaise aur sahitykar.sumir ji aapse gujarish hai ki saratchand ki novel ko bhi online kare
    ashutosh misra

  5. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your effort.

  6. Dear Readers,

    First of all I thank all for the sweet words of appreciation for me posted above.

    I request you to kindly read the post

    I have answered their queries and requests there.

    I acknowledge that the Munshi Premchand ki Kahaniya (Rachnayian) is work of Raman Kaul of Raman Kaul deserves all the praise.

    Thanking you,


  7. Anonymous3:55 PM

    great job sumir i was searching for premchand storys thanks a lot

  8. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    I wish that the anonymous writers may reveal their identities and place from where they comment. Sumir

  9. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Great job done ..

  10. Anonymous10:38 AM

    great, lovely!!


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