December 16, 2012

Archives of TATA

Check the archives of the Tata Sons. It may interest the historians, historians of economic history, historian of colonialism and people related to business activity from all over the world.
Quotes from the first page of the site.
"The history of the Tata Group runs concurrent with the story of India’s industrialisation." As a student of history, I read it with caution. While making this comment, there is at the back of my mind, the name of Tagore and Carr Company. I intend no offense to the claim of the site. I write with an appeal to the craft of history.
Second Quote:
"The Tata Central Archives is the first Business Archive in India. We collect, and retain letters, documents, images, printed books, group publications and ephemera of potential historical and critical significance to the Tata Group, one of the largest and most respected business houses in India." I have just watched the document sheet. There are some titles which attracts. I have not fully through the contents. I may go through them at a later date.

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