August 31, 2005


The SEGA Tech is another education blog. It seems that it deals with teaching and use of the blogs as the teaching tools.

I was attracted to its title westward expansion. However, when I tried to explore the different concepts which had tags and links built in, they all carried me to wikipedia. It is not some thing similar to the World History blog where the blogger explores different web site and select them for their contents.

After clicking four to five links, when I was taken to wikipedia, I felt like that as if, wikipedia is becoming the information and knowledge provider for the Americans. It is becoming the MBD of America.

Date: october 4, 2005.

I have visited this site once again.

It is something more than that what I have said above. It was started in August 2004 and by now it has had 22000 plus hits. No doubt, it is a joint efforts of 12 members. I think it is imporved from the day when I last visited it. At that time, it was insipid and not all that attractive. But, it really has acquired an appearence. A stupendous Job. Worth visiting again. I rescind from my earlier comments given above.

August 17, 2005

Feudalism: A Study in Detail

A highly elaborate study of Feudalism as desired in history is undertaken at Successors of Rome: The Periphery of Francia, 445 to Present. It contains detailed study of the kings substantiated by maps, family trees and other supporting material. It is brief study of the history of different European countries.

On the definition of Feudalism just read the following lines:
"This term is derived from the Old Aryan pe'ku, hence Sanskrit pacu, "cattle"; so also Lat. pecus (cf. pecunia); Old High German fehu, fihu, "cattle", "property", "money"; Old Frisian fia; Old Saxon fehu; Old English feoh, fioh, feo, fee. It is an indefinable word for it represents the progressive development of European organization during seven centuries."

I never knew that the word has Indian connection. The detailed article is at Feudalism. It is based on the work of different historians. It is written by BEDE JARRETT and Thomas Crossett on the net as a part of The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VI.

August 06, 2005

World History Blog: ECHO: Exploring and Collecting History Online

World History Blog: ECHO: Exploring and Collecting History Online

The article is about the following site: of George Mason University. It has been borrowed from World History Blog. It claims to do the same thing which World History Blog and myself claim to do. However, the first page suggest that there is something more to that. It requires immediate exploration at the earliest. There seems to lot of links about sources and managing them in e form. It may be useful for the newest paper introduced in Punjab University after great debate and hurdles which deals with History of Science and Technology.

Exploration is due.

World History Blog

World History BlogThis is one blog which is planned and developed in the same lines on which I am working. It is a work of an acamedician. I assume he is doing it for his students and part of his work. The idea here also seems to be to collect the relevent links on the net as per the topics as they come before you during your course of study and regular work.

The Blogger is doing stupendous job. The link which he has given for the Ottomon Empire, the empire built by Osman, is really spectacular. Some day I may also bring out similar work. Any study of history without maps is half done job. Apart from quoting the contemporary sources, or making it scientific the way Voltaire meant history to be, (does Voltaire ever gave a complete theory like his pupil Hegel did) one should give maps and basic economic data. I understand that it is not possible in case of period from previous centuries but there are now possibilities to decide and fix the data about the distance past. Archeology is bringing out enough data. Now historians are expected to analyse it and then rewrite in light of new discoveries and new scientific tools which are being developed.

I place thanks to the blogger for the job which he is doing.

I hope that he also come up with articles after evey link. I quotes from the site which he selects for inclusion to his blog. He seems to have written some articles also. However, I may soon go through them.

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