August 31, 2005


The SEGA Tech is another education blog. It seems that it deals with teaching and use of the blogs as the teaching tools.

I was attracted to its title westward expansion. However, when I tried to explore the different concepts which had tags and links built in, they all carried me to wikipedia. It is not some thing similar to the World History blog where the blogger explores different web site and select them for their contents.

After clicking four to five links, when I was taken to wikipedia, I felt like that as if, wikipedia is becoming the information and knowledge provider for the Americans. It is becoming the MBD of America.

Date: october 4, 2005.

I have visited this site once again.

It is something more than that what I have said above. It was started in August 2004 and by now it has had 22000 plus hits. No doubt, it is a joint efforts of 12 members. I think it is imporved from the day when I last visited it. At that time, it was insipid and not all that attractive. But, it really has acquired an appearence. A stupendous Job. Worth visiting again. I rescind from my earlier comments given above.

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