September 12, 2005

M.E. Pethel - History Department

This is another site(blog) which work on the agenda of providing the internet links on History subject.

The link "Primary sources" at gives good sources in American history. They take you to which has good presentation. The articles given there also gives bibliography.

On the main site of M.E. Pethel - History Department, there are many good articles as well as the links. One of them is American History Text site. The link takes you to a commercial site.

The site is a recent one. It was started in April 2005 and carrys only one article for that month. The blogger is now quite active. It seems that the trend started by World History blog is catching up with other teachers. This is third blog which has been identified by me. They all are working on a common plan. The plan is to use blogging and internet as a teaching tool.

However, I am wondering how far is this successful. In may case, for the last month, I am not able to move my students to my blog. One major hindrance is the language. They want everything in Hindi or Punjabi.

However, on the other hand, I am quite successful in case of civil services blog. In those cases, I have never talked about them to any one. They have become popular on their own or due to the hints which I had gathered from the site meter search links. But, even then, they are being visited regularly. In case of graduate blogs, wherein I am putting question answers as the students require them for the final exams, are not receiving many visit. May be the lot which I have, is not all that responsive. Or it may be that Ludhiana people are too busy. They visit sites only for chatting or some other thing. They have the latest gadgets and mobile phones. I have seen some of the students even chatting and accessing emails on their mobile phones. But they are not using net for getting information concerning their university courses.

September 01, 2005

History of Nations

History of Nations is another site which has been mentioned at World History Blog of Brown.

The site provides you history in brief about different countries. They have six categories namely, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America. They have mentioned the sources from where they have gathered the information.

In case of India, the history is given only upto 2003. They have given only political history. The contents are of very general type. However, it is one place source on the history of all the nations.

On the whole, the site can be used for getting general information on political history of different countries. It may interest the people who have desire to learn about different countries.

However, the site CIA fact books, give more useful information. The above mentioned site can be useful of general public and students to write general essays.

Sources on Civil War

There is an important source reported by Paul McWhorter on Education Forum. The title of the web page is Civil War, Harper’s Weekly Original Civil War Newspapers. It also contains detailed information on many topics.

On World History Blog of Miland Brown, there is posting titled The Capital and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region, ca. 1600-1925. The link takes you to "a digital library of 139 books from the collections of the Library of Congress dealing with the history of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland and Virginia in the United States of America." (quoted by Miland Brown from the site itself.)

I was just wondering that even Brown had taken links from Wikipedia. It shows that the site is acquiring credibility among the world of serious seekers.

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