April 29, 2012

Present : a Fading Glimpse

Present : a Fading Glimpse

The Actual Thought:
The present is made up of past. The present is experienced. Therefore, it is never comprehended. The past is as an effect and as a grain in form of a material, of which, present is made. The present has in it the material of past and a factor of future realised in it (feature which I have yet not come across in the philosophy of history), and therefore, it is not wholly a past. Hence, the mind ( It is here intentionally used. Kindly read the heading Background also), the perception and realization which has been taken wrongly as the proof of present, are actually the recreation of past in present as a Passing Glimpse.

The factor of future is not yet incorporated in philosophy of history(I am not favouring positivists).  But, a future, which did not remain as such when it had revealed itself in present. But that present, in itself is a fading glimpse. However, I have yet to read a thinker, which had taken up this dimension in the making of past.

If ever, the present is lived by a person and the society of human beings, it is a Fading Glimpse – merely a fading glimpse.

Those who live life in a fast lane, they live a life of a fading glimpse, which they enjoy. They enjoy this experience because it is as per the Nature and the laws of Psychology that postulate that the brain focuses on a point for a very small span of a time. It is a thought which Mahatama Buddha had shared with Ananda. It is the core of their Transmigration Theory of Soul. Those who are of a brooding nature, they just escape the enjoyment of escaping glimpse. However, some of them are lucky enough to understand and perceive the actual past which lives in their present.

The Background:

I am presently re-reading “The Idea of History” by R. G. Collingwood edited and compiled by Jan Van Der Dussen and printed by OUP, New York, issued in India in 1993. I am reading his Epilegomena. The above view and opinion was jotted down after lot many thoughts had engulfed my mind sphere while reading Collingwood. I here substantiate and emphasize that during this phase of reading, I am able to understand Collingwood in a better way. Collingwood had used terms from different languages. It becomes every difficult to maintain the comprehension of the thought content while reading this books because one does not understand the meanings of all the terms which have been borrowed from numerous European languages. I here acknowledge the benefit which I have derived from Google Translate feature. It is with that assistance that I have reached up to the first section of Epilegomena. That is other thing, that I have yet to search for the meaning of Epilegomena. On the whole, all that written above, the terms used in there, are all those which had been used by Collingwood for writing 'The Idea of History'. Hence, those who knows what I am talking about, may take the idea given above with Collingwood in background and the premises.

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