June 12, 2006

Eight Tips for American Separatists – A lesson for the rest of the Separatists

In the month of May, 2006 I tried to study the events, sequence and documents of secession before the Civil War of America. I read the World History blog by Miland Brown but somehow I did not read his post titled "The Dominion of British West Florida and Tips for Creating an American Separatist Cause". In the month of June, he reproduced the "Tips" to claim a separate country for oneself if one likes. When I read it, I stopped from making further postings on the American History.

I wondered why Miland talked like that. The second thought which came to mind and remained for long was that how far this could be relevant in case of India. In India, the Kashmir, North East states especially Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura, then Hyderabad State, Junagadh State, Goa, Sikkim, even Punjab as it was in 1849, and even for that all the states which were annexed during the period of Dalhousie, must try to understand and read them.

While reading the secession declaration of South Carolina and Texas, I was once convinced that they had the reason and legal argument to establish themselves as separate state. Even before that, when I studied American history for the first time, at one stage, I felt that the thirteen colonies had virtually occupied and snatched the country from the Red Indian Tribes. I even once joked that one should enter America and then claim ownership on the land on the basis of their history on the continent. However, a student of history does not sit a judge over the past events. He has to study the past on the basis of the facts as it existed and the cause and effect relation of a period of time and concerning a region or space. He has to identify a fact as it exists and existed. If today, a good lawyer is given chance to plead the case of South Carolina and Texas and all the eleven states which later joined to form the Confederacy of States, he could prove that they had suffered at the hands of the North States and they had valid point to secede.

Well, those who have this a job to read, write, read, ponder and then elaborate, come up with such thoughts and understanding which only the people of their class and ilk can understand. Sometimes, they come out with such amusing thoughts. No doubt, the post in question is of the same genre.

The comment of Jennie W of Kent, the blogger of Jennie’s Rumbles, is most pertinent. She says, "This is simply hilarious". Miland knew it at the time of posting it.

He did not boost in vain when he wrote, "I really should start my own separatist cause. With my knowledge of history, the Web, and how to play the separatist game, I could have a lot of fun! Or maybe not...".

The elementaryhistoryteacher really got serious with this post the way I became when I first read it. Jennie W also joined in the comment section and Miland got the chance to take a pinch at them by playing to the gallery. I am sure, while writing the reply to the comment he might have mischievous smile. Now doubt, he remarked, "Hello the CSA lost!"

On the whole, it is really enjoyable to read and share such thoughts because they come to regular readers and scholars now and then. They are not shared only because they are just minor spin off of reasoning faculty.

However, point 4 to 8 are written in lighter vein but they are very pregnant with great possibilities. The present form of Internet may change with change in technology. However, with time, the interconnectivity of internet paradigm will remain and it will be a force. The day, that will become true, the day, many people will join together on world wide web with new devices and formats, the tips of 4 to 8 can work as big bombs. Today, it may be taken in lighter vein, but they can be implemented with deafening results. I do not know why I feel that some separatist is reading those lines again and again.

Miland, get serious. Your later part is worth putting in practice. I will claim my share when you succeed.

Kindly note: It is re-posting. It has already appeared as Dear Separatists, "Historians are Definitely not Boring".

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