June 29, 2006

History Student in a Lighter Mood

Sun did It (Other Title)

“As one saith in a brave kind of expression, the sun never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shines upon one part or other of them.”

The above given comment was made by Bacon for Spain under Habsburg Dynasty. It was made when Britain was not all that big and great empire and reached to level of giant proportion afterwards for which it latter came to be known for. It was latter that the same comment was used for British Empire. Bacon belonged to England.

Gibbon also used the term “The Roman World” in the same tone and tenure to suggest the greatness of the Roman Empire as the biggest empire of the world.

Describing the giant proportion of the British Empire, Webster had said “her morning drumbeat following the sun, and keeping company with the hours, circles the earth daily with one continuous and unbroken strain of its martial airs.”

Kaiser William did not like the tone of such quotations. He sought the place in the sun.

Finally, the First World War was fought.

It means Bacon started all this.

Historians used sun to write quotations.
Sun saw history making nations.
A nation saw sun every where.
Other nation sat on sun to see every nation.
In between, the world wept for their sons.

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