May 13, 2006

Mississippi Secession

The reasons given by Mississippi declaration of the causes of the secession from the union reads like a list of points given to a question.

Mississippi declaration clearly states that the state was seceding only because of the issue of slavery. The declaration had explained the institution of slavery as vital for the material well being of the state. The rest of the declaration reads like a list of the arguments given as the causes of secession.

The declaration emphasized that the attack on the institution of slavery had started since 1787. It was practically executed in case of Louisiana territory, Texas and Mexico.

By denying the right of the South over their slaves as their property, the Union had breached the compact and it was the main argument of the declaration.

The declaration also pointed that the North states had used their institutions like press, schools, public to raise insurrection in South State.

The North states had promoted such associations which had only one aim of ending the institution of slavery and thereby destroy the South.

Finally, the declaration accused that they had given over the government to such a group that had only one agenda and that was to destroy the South completely.

Summary Observations:

Mississippi declaration was short and categorically stated that they were separating from the Union because the new government had the plan to end the slavery.

They had also equated the separation to the act of separation of colonies from the Crown of England. This argument was also used in South Carolina declaration of separation.

They had also called the attack on the institution of slavery as a breach of contract. This was the argument which was also adopted by the South Carolina declaration of secession.

A peculiar feature is that there is no reference in the body of the declaration itself about the date when it was issued. In case of the South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia, the dates are emphasized but there is no such reference. However, The Ordinance of Secession was issued on January 9, 1861. It was the second state to pass the resolution to secede from the Union after South Carolina had executed the process of secession on December 20, 1860.

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