October 12, 2005

A Tribute to Hinduism

In the introduction of the site A Tribute to Hinduism, the administrator of the site has claimed following purpose of the site and I quote from there,
"This site is dedicated to Lord Ganesha - Lord of Beginnings, Bharat Mata (Mother India) and to the intuition of countless rishis (seers) of the past, who committed their lives in pursuit of Sanatan Dharma, the Eternal way of life."

Continuing with the introduction and I quote, "The purpose of this site is to provide useful information about the world's oldest religion."

It also claims that it catalogs the thoughts of world-renowned intellectuals, reference to books and further links for research in order to learn about Hinduism.

The administrator is Ms. Sushama Londhe. She has started this site in 1997. She has called it as her personal endeavour and indeed it is a great endeavour.

The administrator continues to update the site with new essays concerning various topics on Indian history. She has presented articles based on secondary sources. I have not read all the articles but those which have been read are based on the works of leading and established scholars in the field of history.

The article Seafaring in Ancient India is worth recommended. Being a student of history, we keep on telling different causes of the decline of India after Gupta period and also causes of the success of British East India Company against the Mughal Empire in India. In our explanation, we keep on telling that the Indian failed because they have never cared to raise a naval force and they were not seafaring people. But, on the same hand, while lecturing on Mauryan period with reference observation of Megasthense referred in other Grecian writers, we explain that one of the major branch of army of Mauryan period were Naviks (navy). In the same manner, in order to explain the background of the rise of wealth and state of economy of Pre-Gupta and Gupta period, we often quote Periplus of Erythian Sea. Similarly, we also refer to defeat of British fleet at the hands of the naval force of Aurangzeb. We also refer to the sailor of Janji. As a teacher, we understand this contradiction in our seminars but we do not stop from telling that the Indians failed because they never cared to develop navy and they did not have enterprise to attempt to meet opponents at sea. However, herein, with some reservation, a nicely elaborated article has been given. It is based on secondary sources.

The heading, A Tribute to Hinduism, may convey that this is a site of some religious fundamentalist. However, it is not so. It seems that the person is a genuine person. It is definitely is a personal endeavor. It is also case and example of personal expression in a civilized society. No doubt, some may counter that there is touch of bias and fundamentalism. Well, there are some issues concerning the heritage, culture and history of India which have not understood correctly by the Hindus themselves. There are some shortcomings and misgivings. Due to this feature, they become target of accusation and criticism. But, the Hindu society react against such criticism. On the other hand, the society is not ready to look inside. It fails to undertake some actions which is highly expected of it. It does not come out with any concrete activity. It is quick to argue, oppose, and then avoid to address the issue without caring how much harm is being caused to his very existence. Here, an individual is trying to do which the rest of the society should different in all other sphere of its existence.

Apart from the above-mentioned article, there is many more articles. The site administrator continues to update the list regularly.
Another feature, which has been pointed out of one of the visitor to the site, is attractive of the layout of the pages and choice of border. The contents are nicely laid out on each sheet. Every article is well illustrated and the sources are highlighted. The author of each article has referred to the source from which she is quoting even if it is a secondry source.

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