October 25, 2005

Comprehensive Study of India – Federal Research Division of U.S.

One should visit the following link.

It is online documents of the Library of Congress of United States of America. In the header of the site, it is written thus, " Customized Research and Analytical services serving the U. S. government since 1948" (Starting of Cold War period). (Italized comment is by the blogger).

There are ten chapters which cover the details about India from the earliest time to the present day. In the earlier chapter, the history of India is discussed in its outline. The elucidation is quite comprehensive. A person who wants a bird eye view of the whole history of India from the earliest time to the present, may find satisfied with the contents of the history portion.

For the General Studies, the candidate, who does not have history as his option, can study from here and make a good essay which may help in many possible questions in General Studies Prelims. The history is discussed in Chapter number one but covers all the main milestones (Chapter of Indian History) in history of India.

Chapter 2 is on the geography of India.

Chapter 4 is on languages, ethnicity and regionalism. The contents give the basic structure on which the personal notes can be further developed.

Chapter 5 discusses the sociological framework of the country.

Chapter 6 is on character and structure of Economy.

Chapter 8 is on Government and politics.

Chapter 9 is on foreign policy of India.

One of the most fascinating section is Bibliography. The students who are preparing from civil services may find this section very useful. The students who are interested in overall study may also find the bibliography quite interesting and useful. One can just judge the approach of getting the information about a country by another foreign country when one finds that the titles of class tenth and twelfth published by NCERT are included in the list.

The bibliography is very comprehensive and corresponding to the chapterization which has been done while given the details of various aspects of the country. But on the whole, it turns up as one single place to decide which book can be picked to study various aspects of the country. When one considers the gernalized outline of the syllabus of General study, the given chapterization and sub headings and then books on them can give a well defined idea and plan to a candidate to how to organise one’s study for the examination.

The students of political science and journalism subject must read the history of the division on the home page of the site.

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