October 22, 2005


The Guttenberg.org has nearly 16000 books in digital form readily available on their site. There many such books, which can be used as original sources in order to write an article. Here, a detail of one such book is provided.

AKBAR, EMPEROR OF INDIA A Picture of Life and Customs from the Sixteenth Century
Rector of the University of Tubingen
Translated from the German by Lydia G. Robinson
Reprinted From "The Monist" Of April, 1909 Chicago
The Open Court Publishing Company 1909
EText-No. 14134

A Comment:
The important feature of this book for me is that the book begins with that proverbial bias and version about Indian history that the sources on Indian history are not available.

Secondly, this book was published in 1909. The important aspect is that it was written in Germany. At that time, the international situation was such that the world had been divided into two camps. Britain was ruling over India. Germany had acquired aggressive postures. Therefore, it is fascinating to learn now that at that Germany was trying to study the history of a country which was under the control of Britain.

The third important feature is to read about those aspect of Akbar’s personalities which had been emphasised by Dr. Richard von Garbe. They make interesting reading. The author first emphasis a personality trait of Akbar by quoting one incidence from his life then give justification that why he was doing that.

The fourth feature which is worth noting is the refrences which the author had used. They are leading British Indian History Scholars who have intensively quoted the Indian sources in their original works. I am referring to Elphinston.

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