October 22, 2005

The History of Pelopennesian War by Thucydides

While talking of history, I always bring into my exposition the historiography, method of research in history and inferences in history. Invariably, the talk includes the name of the father of history Thucydides.

I am always in lookout for books on the theory of history, philosophical expositions while talking about history and the meaning and benefits of reading history. However, once I was stunned and rendered speechless when I came across a query that whether I have read the original work of Thucydides. I never remember the name of the work of Thucydides. Well it is "The History of the Peloponnesian War".

On Guttenberg.org, the translation of The History Pelopennesian War is given. It has been translated by Richard Crawley. The original work is identified to have been written in 431 B. C.

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