October 17, 2005

A Counter to the Nonsense

Miland Brown has made the following comment on his post The Napoleonic Revolution and I quote, "I always like it when professors put there (their) lectures online. It is such a great counter to much of the nonsense which passes as history online."

The comment has a bigger meaning and may materialize sometime in future. It may not be surprising that many pundits in the field of communication and education may read this comment but care little about the actual import of this comment and move on with their activity without getting hooked to this comment.

The internet and its future modification in form of availability of text, audio messages, video messages, graphics, simulation and animations on hand held devices like cell phones, or a futuristic device which may become more interactive by becoming sensitive to input commands like touch, voice, or even just a look at a thing on a screen just in order to activate the commands hidden behind them, is already taking into a world wherein new beyond-imagination activities would take place.

However, before that, the situation at present is that one has to put it on the web the information which can be sought by someone on the other side.

There is general mythical belief that everything is available on Internet. How far is it true that everything or all the information and thing available on Internet? No, it is not like that. For anything information to become available to the user of Internet, the most important thing is that someone should first put it on the Internet. Now this factor, "someone", is the most crucial factor at present.

This "someone" is not some thing new. It has been there since long, dominating all the media which somewhere I feel is decisive in outlining the perspective and opinion of the common man. The general held perspective and opinion about ones own surrounding decides you consciousness about yourself and your surroundings. This collective consciousness is your history, but in your present, it becomes the vital core of your being alive in present and actions which you take that effects your future.

The need is that the actual pundits for their corresponding epistemology should come forward to put their paradigm on the Internet. But they are not coming. No doubt, lot of nonsense is available on Internet. There is no counter that. The people, who can counter them, they do not do that. May be, putting information and paradigm on Internet is still a futuristic thing to happen. May be, they are too busy. May be a new set of ethics are required in the field of knowledge and more effective activity. May be, there is need to attach some monetary value to the activity which can become an incentive for the required pundits to bring their knowledge on the internet and everybody can access it without paying directly to the pundit.

An issue, which does not seem to have attracted the attention is that what type of information generally available on the Internet. The information is given by the political authorities or the government. The information is given with an idea to make some deal or result into monetary gain. Now these factor of monetary gain are based on ones own perspective of making a business and deal out of a general activity. However, there is no information of a category which is gained only by spending much on research and development. There are addresses of such organisations which give such information but they remain short of providing you information about the latest findings and future implications of those findings.

However, there are many pundits or professors, who can tell so much to the people. There is need that they may also come and play this role.
A copy has also been posted on sumirsharma.blogspot.com. The contents also have relevance for that blog.

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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful commentary on this. And I will go back and fix my spelling error (there v. their)!


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