October 04, 2005



It has in its content the reference to the Indian cosmonology based on the reference to the Puranic literature.

I just staggered upon this blog but as the contents are of my interest, I just gave a casual look and found some references in which I am interested.

However, I have listened about Bahai Faith but on questioning what it is, I feel sorry to admit that I do not know anything about it. Hence, I have included in my list of topics which I am supposed to study while studying Indian history.


  1. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Just a general comment about studying any religion my friend. The study needs to be independant. You can't ask a Rabi about Christianity, or a Priest about Islam, or a Mulla about the Baha'i Faith, and you can't start your search and investigation with years of baggage either. You have to be open minded and seek guidance only from the Creator.

  2. Dear Anonymus,

    You are right and true.

    One can not seek god by asking it from a source or investigate with years of baggage.

    Shankracharya had already stated that the final knowledge of God will come only with the grace of God. It will be received through intuition. One must have the knowledge in order to qualify for receiving the final grace of God and then only one can know about the Creator.

    Ramanuja had emphasised the path of total sumission to the faith that there is God. He also empahsised that the ultimate knowledge and guidance with the grace of the creator.

    Therefore, one has to remain open minded and love all because every thing is creation of that ultimate creator. When one follow such a path while remaining confirmed in faith in the grace of the Creator, then only one can learn what He is.

    On the other hand, the brain, a perishable creation of nature itself, is incapable of seeking this ultimate knowledge on its own. The final grace, knowledge and guidance come directly from the creator if one submits to him. For that no priest, no mulla, no rabi, no bikshu, no pundit, no rishi is required.

    However, my aim of collecting links and giving my views is restricted to my pursuit of the subject of History. I am not undertaking any pedagougic or missionary activity. My mission is to seek clarity of my own efforts and remain firm in the faith that He, the ultimate loves me.

    Peace to all


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