November 24, 2005


There are two sites. has its archives since October 17, 1993. Is it possible? I think it is older than Googles. However the latest entry is of May 05, 2005.

Second one is It has archives since December 31, 1989. It can not be possible. Blogging is hardly there since 1997 if I am right. However the latest entry is of March 09, 2005.

There is another blog with the same characteristics as

It is fascinating. On one blog, where it is permited, the blog profile declares that blogger is blogging since October 2004. On the another blog with the same title, it is declared that the blogger is there since March 2005.
In one profile, the blogger claims that he is in New Mexico and in other, in North America. At one place he writes that he is in consulting industry and in other, he declares that he is researcher by occupation. He is putting others to research.

Any how, this site source has a huge bank on numerous books and other intersted links.

Editing Just after Ten Minutes:

The Trail is not ending.

Here is another blog with the same title

Here in the profile, the blogging is being declared to have taken place since June 2005. As per the posting, the recent posting is of November 15, 2005. However, blogsearch on google shows that the last update was done August 7, 2005. The links are missings but overall a pattern of architecture of the blog is same.

Quite interesting.

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