November 06, 2005


This is a site by Ian Sinclair.

As per the profile, he is interested in Tantric Buddhism (Vajrayana).

He has given many informative links which can be good source material on the online sources.

Some of the examples are as follows:


Kaiser Library (Nepal)

Digital Library of India

The site and the links deserve further exploration.


Later Addition:
Ian Sinclair continues to provide links on Vajrayana. As it is emphasised as the aim of the blog and I quote, " A digest of public information on Indian tantric Buddhism; with emphasis on Sanskritic traditions of the Vajranyana in Nepal, South East Asia and beyound", regular addition to the information is made. The blog started in April 2005 and there are similar type of addition for each month. Each information is a substantial information.

Another features which has attracted the eye is that some of the related blogs which are suggested on this blog, prefer to use black background. Is this a symbol or based on their study of Vajranyana? However, the frame of the blog is well made and does not disturb. On the other hand, the appearance of pages is slow, may be because of the use of unicode for writing devanagari script.
Edited on November 17, 2005 local time, 7.35 pm.

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