November 11, 2005

Is Contention Against Google Print Valid?

I am unable to understand that why there is so much hue and cry about the Print Google.

They have been accused of stealing the printed contents of the rightful owners and making them available to the rest of the souls on the earth without any price and thus causing the monetary loss to the writers and the publishers. They are being accused of infringing on the intellectual property rights and copyrights and thus forcing the victims to take them to the court. They are being accused of starting the trend in which the laws have to be re-written.

For three days, I am trying to experiment with the Print Google dot com. I am using the terms, concepts, the names and authors related to Indian history. I am getting a huge list of books. It is very exhilarating to see the list of the books, the name of the authors, the date of publication and all the material, which are required for any research scholar to start his work. The lists which comes up can be used by a teacher or student or a researcher in a field to plan his study in more effective way. I am excited to see them because I feel that if I have to submit a synopsis in future for some research work and write a bibliography then I will be able to do all that while sitting before my monitor. The time will be saved. With a well defined question in the research activity, the work will be done in one sitting for collecting the material which is required for the research.

However, If I try to check the links, I am showed some pages under the link “some more results for the book”. I am definitely showed some of the pages. However, some of the pages are listed there but with a rider that they are not allowed to be seen there. I am also showed the contents of the book and also the bibliography section along with the index. I can tell from experience that all those pages are gif files which are created on scanning a book. (Please do not sue me in telling that because I know some may have concluded that even I have scanned some books.) But I am not shown the whole book. Yes, they do not show you the whole book. You can check the whole book in a book store and come out without buying any book. Here you are shown the book for some pages as per the query you have put in the search. But you are definitely not shown the whole book. Further, for each page there is warning that it is a copyright material.

However, if you are interested in buying that book, just on the right hand side they have given the links to the publisher or froogle or some other book selling portal. But you can not see the whole book at all. Well I can understand that by changing you query for search, you may see more pages but I have not tried that yet.

Well, what actually has this Print Google done? I think they have done a great job. They have given a practical shape to a great Idea. I think that all the publishers and authors should be dancing on their own heads and shouting for coming good days. They should thank the google people for having done that. They should go and kiss their hand. They should pray for their long life and the company. They should visit their houses and sweep their floors for what they have done to earn fortune for them. (Sweeping floor of someone is an Indian concept.) But No and a BIG NO. They have not done that. I have learned that they are suing the Google for this trouble.

Are they really true businessmen? Have they themselves checked that what is the true picture? Whatsoever is accessible on Print Google, you can get it by visiting any bookstore and library. In some of the libraries, they are even providing the photostat facility. In India, I have found people getting a whole book Xeroxed. I have seen medical students having Xerox copies of established book which cost less by being Xeroxed than to buy a fresh copy. Well, I am revealing a breaking of law in India but it is quite rampant here. Similarly, if you have good rapport with a bookseller, he may allow you to get a book Xeroxed. But whatsoever the google people are doing, it is not going to do any harm. What I see is that it will rather boost their sale. I believe that they are doing a free job for the publishers. They are promoting their sale. But it is strange that the publishers are perturbed and annoyed by their act. It is strange.

On thing is sure that those who are leveling different allegation against the google, have not actually checked what they have done. They are unnecessarily making wrong noises. They should first check what they are doing. They are becoming self appointed sales men. It is really goes to credit of those publishers who have offered them their books. They have made the smartest move of their business activity. They are going to be benefited.

Those who are undertaking a tirade against the Print Google, they better first check what actually they have done.

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