November 21, 2005

More Digital Book Sources available ONLINE

It is continuation of the post "Is the contention against the google print valid".

Here are listed some more digital sources which are freely available to the Internet users and research scholars.
The California eScholarship Initiative
The Electronic Text Center of the University of Virginia Library
Humanities Text Initiative of the University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania Library

The following sources are given in the syllabus of Punjab University Chandigarh for the subject of history.

Similarly, the members of H-Net under different sections keep on providing such links from where you can access online sources.

Apart from that, the legendary gutenburg project of Michael Hart is already there since 1971 and now 17000 + rich.

In addition to that there is a posting on attributed Paula J. Hane which has surveyed the future of the digital projects going to come in future.

Another source is The New Zeland Digital Library of the University of Walkato.

A comment of James Hilton sums up the need to digitize the sources available. To quote, "In the future, most research and learning is going to take place in a digital world. Material that does not exist in digital form will effectively disappear. We need to decide whether we are going to allow the development of new technology to be used as a tool to restrict the public’s access to knowledge, or if we are going to ensure that people can find these works and that they will be preserved for future generations."

It should be further added that no ethics and reason can stop the march of the technology and the aversions of those who presently dominate the dispersion of knowledge and value based information.

The google book project has really taken hold of my imagination. It is in a way hampering my other important tasks at hand. But, after reading the article by Paula J. Hane, it is given to think that so much fuss about google book is unnecessary. I doubt that all this commotion was a market gimmick and intentionally created. It seems to be a media management before bring some new market product.

The idea behind google book is strong and it is here to stay. It was already there but the google book has just brought the recent publications in its ambit also. In that case, they have brought in next logical activity before us. Now the need is to organize and regulate it. You can not stop it. You have to permit it. The only thing which is required is to regulate it.

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  1. Thanks for these links, Sumir. Do you know when the Yahoo books site will be operational. From what I remember they are working in cooperation with the Univ. of California and some other academic institutions.


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