August 22, 2008

Inculcate Historical Thinking as an Important Attribute of Citizen

How I wish that I could have been the author of following lines:
“In other words when an event or even a process that shapes up, it does so in a social, economic, political and cultural context. And these socio-economic, political, cultural factors impinging on an event have to be studied, recognized and understood as materializing or actualizing in time or over a period of time. This according to me is historical thinking which can be nurtured and needs to be nurtured for the kidsR. S. Krishna Banglore, India and adults as well, for historical thinking is actually an important attribute of citizenship.”
The author is S Krishna Bangalore, Karnataka, India at Developing a pedagogy for History.

The essay deals with the issue of the basic craft of the historians. It deals with the issue of using the primary and secondary sources to develop the historical thinking. Historical thinking is ability to study the facts in the perspective of time and space on the basis of the ability to learn facts from primary sources. S Krishna has been able to take the issue in a nice manner.

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