August 31, 2008

24 Books online: Courtesy of the UK

British Council Library India has nearly 2500 books on India. According to the website of the British Council Library in India, they possess some rare books on India. Those books were published from the 17th century to 1947. Out of that collection, the Library has displayed 24 complete books (The news section claim that it has displayed 25 books.) in pdf. format.

Some of the major authors and titles are listed below.

Joseph Davey Cunningham: A History of the Sikhs. 1849

Andrew H.L. Fraser: Among Indian rajahs and ryots: a civil servents recollections and impressions of thirty-seven years of work and sport in the Central Provinces and Bengal, 1911

Edward Balfour: Cyclopaedia of India 1885

Sir William Jones and others: Dissertations and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquities; the arts, sciences and literature of Asia - Vol.1 1792

Joseph Dalton Hooker: Himalayan journals; or, notes of a naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia mountains etc. - Vol.1, 1854

Dosabhai Framji Karaka: History of Parsis; including their manners, customs, religion and present position, 1884

There are in this manner twenty four titles available online.
It is further reported that it is a pilot project. If the readers will respond, then they may bring more books from their collection online. The email for the feed back is


  1. a very useful post. I have downloaded the book of J.D. Cunningham.

  2. Harneet,


    I believe that you are following

    I suggest that you should explore the rest of the site of British Council. It may be useful on other level also.


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