March 11, 2007

Historical Sources Online by Spinning Clio

Marc Comtois has prepared a weblography which I have been exploring for some time. I have already made a comment on him on the side bar of this blog. I had first come across his work at Introduction to Historical Methods: Index. It was back in 2005 when I first read this article. No doubt, it has been identified and well recognized by the rest of the world.

However it was only later I identified that the author of Spinning Clio was Marc Comtois.

No doubt, on his blog Spinning Clio, he has given a list of links on history related sources. In the Weblography, he has prepared a separate sheet on the links. It is done with great imagination. Some may find it too restricted. It is the interest of the author which has guided the compilation of the list. I find it quite exhaustive. I find it a good starting point for the beginners. It fulfills the need of main purpose of using Internet. The Internet is a vast place. The information is available on Internet. But where is it? How can one find the desired information and a dependable information? I believe these are the issues which come up when you start using Internet as a teaching and research tool. The list prepared by Marc Comtois is one of the best example, or rather a model, wherein the Internet can be effectively used as a teaching and research tool. No doubt, this is not the only list on the net. The HNN bloggers have prepared similar list. They regularly update it. Then there is example of Miland Brown. He has his own model which he executes with great commitment and consistency. Then, there is a group of Digital Historians who are also very effective in showing how the digital world can be useful for the scholars of social sciences. I have commented on them earlier. I have been using the list of Marc Comtois also but never commented on it. Here I fulfill it. I share with rest of the world the sources which I have been using for exploring the web for my subject History.

For Picture of Muses of History:
Spinning Clio
The Nine Greek Muses by Heather Clegg-Haman. (Special note: The references given for links to the Muses is not correct on this site. It seems it is mere a clerical mistake while preparing the manuscript.)

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