February 09, 2007

World History view on ICHR Website

World History Blog: Indian Council of Historical Research

Miland Brown has identified the website of the prestigious ICHR.

He has commented thus:
"Unfortunately, there is not a lot of full-text journals or books here. However, the site does have an index of several of the journals as well as a listing of books and conference proceedings from the organization. As such, this may prove to be a good starting point for researching Indian history."

Well it is true for most of similar sites being displayed by the India government. Same thing can be said about Digital History of India.

I have been pointing out this shortcoming. It was emphasized by pointing out the format of available sources on India on some foreign sites wherein in even Government of India has colloborated or sought assistance. It is really surprising to watch, that when it comes to launching of similar information and material on internet, the Indian Government always remain short of the desired standard. Why do they remain short of right planning and the right model?

Miland Brown has made such comments about the ICHR site. I have pointed out the similar thing while commenting on Microfiliming of Indian Publications wherein some of the sources were made available to general public. Then again, I pointed it out in case of Social Scientist Journal.

On the other hand some Indians on their own have done the better job while making blogs and Website about Historic research and making of the information available on cyberspace. The two examples which can be quotes here are of Arvind Gupta and Raman Kaul. (Both of them are engineers.)

If people remember, in July 2006, while blocking some sites, they blocked the whole domain. This is the way they work.

There is need that the expert from various fields should also be joined with the people who are deputed to use IT technology for the benefit of communication. There is need to visualize the actual aim of making the website and then displaying it on cyberspace. If some one points out that not enough sources are available, then it is

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