August 07, 2006

Kajari Teej (कजरी तीज)

Bharatendu Harishchandra had pointed out three main origins of the Raga Kajari.
1. The people of Central India invented the Raga Kajari, when they were overwhelmed by the grief of the sudden death their famous and popular King Dadurai followed by death of Queen Nagamati, who performed the custom of Sati.
2. The dense and sylvan forest of the kingdom of King Dadurai of Central India was called Kajali. The people had sung the pleasant beauty of the deep forest and the songs were named as Kajali. Later the word Kajali metamorphosed into the word Kajari.
3. The third origin of the word Kajari is the Teej of July August Monsoon season. The festival falls on the third day of full moon. On this day, the Kajari Songs are sung and therefore, Madhursravani is also called Kajari Teej.

As per another view, the origin of Kajari is identified with blackish shades of the clouds which rises during the Monsoon before raining down in the month of August.

The Kajari Teej is more famous in Central India covering Madhya Pardesh and Uttar Pardesh. No doubt, the Kajari of Mirzapur and Varanasi (Benaras) is part of folk heritage of India. In central India, Kajari Teej is associated with Kajari Songs and Swings. Both the swing and the Kajari songs are so much identified each other that during Janamashtami, even God Krishna in his Child incarnation, is shown on swing accompanied by Kajari songs.

It is pertinent to note that the Kajari Songs have to facets. Some of the songs exults the happiness of union with ones own lover and life partner. On the other hand, there are enough songs in this categories which depicts the pangs of separation and denial of union with the lover in the month of rainy season when there is greenery all around and even birds mate and enjoy the rain.

There are numerous other shades in Kajari Songs. The Songs include the historic references, social, economic, religious, spiritual and cultural heritage of India. Even the poets like Surdasa had written songs on the line of Kajari Songs.

The Kajari songs are mainly built around God Krishna. The Teej however, is based upon the mythological story of Shiva Purana and the union of Paravati and Shiva after a long separation.

कजरी तीज
Abhivyakti - An Online Hindi Magazine

The above posting is basically an extract of a Hindi article "Jhula Lagal Kadam ki Dari" written by Bhagwati Prasad Diwedi. He has given excerpt of some folk songs of Kajari category. The article is a part of an online Hindi Magazine Abhivyakti.

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