August 18, 2006

Conspiracy History in India: Case of Netaji

Well I am not writing about any new finding.

It is a post consisting of some links about Netaji and my views.

In India, it seems that everything is settled about her history. There is never a debate over any issue on the contents that are presented as the history of India. Therefore, there is no controversy about the history of India. If some groups raise the question that the Aryans did not come to India from outside, then the group is branded as taking political mileage out of a non-existing issue or an issue which is already settled. Even the group which raises the question, does not come out with any scientific validation of the claim and ultimately leave the issue as if it is already settled. There are no conspiracy theories in India. In America, JFK assassination case is still being debated as if it has just happened last year. The people are coming out with arguments and evidences in favour of their stand and questioning the government on various aspects which the government can not escape without answering. But in India, there is nothing like that. I am sure, the Americans would be ardently remembering 9/11 even in 2101.

However, many of the issues of Indian History have remained unsettled. One among them is the case of Netaji. The contribution of Netaji was not less than any other freedom fighter. He was the finest and brightest son of the country. However, the countrymen have not treated rightly with his memory. They took decades to confer Bharat Ratan upon him whereas he should have been recognized as the Pride of Nation. In the history books, he is shown as one who opposed Gandhiji and won the election to the post of President of INC. When he found that on opposing Gandhiji, he was not getting the support of the elder Congressmen, he demitted his post and formed a Forward Bloc. Then, later, he left India and headed Indian National Army or Azad Hind Fauj as it should be rightly called. When the country was passing through a period of great expectations and uncertainty in 1946, the whole nation of undivided India came together for Shahnawaj, Shegal and Dhillon of INA. Only this much is told but rest no body knows.

Zaffar Anjum, a student of AMU, JNU and IIMS Delhi, attended a seminar titled "The Forgotten Army in a World at War: Subhas Chandra Bose’s INA and its Effect on Asia’s Independence" on August 13, 2006 in Singapore. The seminar was organised by Institute of South East Asian Studies. The resource persons were Professor Sugata Bose, Professor A. Mani, P Ramasamy and Mr Prasenjit K Basu. It was also attended by INA veterans Ms. Rasammah Bhupalan, Ms. Janaki Nahappan, and Mr Ajit Kumar Guhatakurta. Zaffar Anjum had presented the life history of Subash Chandra Bose in chronological order like a historian. He might have prepared notes during the seminar or consulted some book but the information provided in his post "Remembering Netaji" is quite exhaustive even if it is brief. He had touched the major events of the life of Netaji. Apart from that he has given a link to a supplement of the Hindustan Times titled The Enigma of Subash Chander Bose. The supplement of the newspaper, The Hindustan Times is quite exhaustive and detailed. There are numerous links which requires exploration. It is a good link for the record.

I reached link through DesiPundit.
Another good link is:
The Enigma of Subash Chander Bose : The Hindustan Times. A Typical Conspiracy Theory discussed in Indian Print Media.

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