December 15, 2013

An Essay on Historiopgraphy as a new trend by V. Sharma

Check the link HERE.
The link is to an article by vibha Sharma (I do not know the author but the essay has many references to Dr. Rajivlochan)which has appeared in The Tribune India in Spectrum section. It has been identified by Rajivlocah himself and it is an acknowledgement here for the source of information.
The idea to tag is here to collect articles on historiography which is the motive of this blog. The writer has taken up an issue of new trends in history writing and brought about an essay on historiography. It is confined to Medieval period of India.
While reading the essay (I did it hurriedly), I was wondering what would E. H. Carr had said about the sources of the Medievalist and it treatment in present by the historians.
Secondly, I believe that Dr. Rajivlochan is an expert on modern period and contemporary India (refer to website of Punjab University Chandigarh at but he has been quoted for works on Medievalist India. However, that is not a big issue as the author has touched upon the philosophy of history and the references sounds quite relevant.
Thirdly, I do not know how the author will reflect, but there are references to the responses of readers unrelated to history, which are available on net and those had appeared when The Lash Mughal was published. There is use of internet in the article.
I beg to differ with the author when it is said that now historians have started giving importance to story feature in history. This thing was already debated when Godwani wrote 'The Sword of Tipu Sultan'.

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