March 06, 2011

One Hundred and Fifty Years of American Civil War

It is now 150 years after American Civil War. The Americans are showing it on Televisions and Internet.

I do not have the exact idea that how they are doing it. In any case at C-SPAN, they are showing it on internet.For their You Tube displays Click HERE.

My post is not directed towards Americans. I am seeking audience for my post in India. I am not suggesting to emulate them. The idea is to suggest that how some occasions should be celebrated making use of technology.

The reporting is borrowed from History News Network at

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  1. I believe that the civil war is a bleak spot in the history of the united states. Nothing much changed for black people in the south or anywhere else in the united states for that matter. It took the civil rights movement in the nineteen sixties to really bring change.


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