October 24, 2007

First Post of a Successful Blog

The Worldhistoryblog has by now more than three hundred thousand (three lakhs) visitors.

In India, the first step on a journey, the first brick in the foundation, the first look at a new born child are considered most auspicious and important. It is believed that it is the first step which decides the success.

In case of World History Blog, the first post was "Society History" which referred to an open directory for history. It was posted on December 31, 2003. December 31, was the date when the East India Company of Britain was established in 1600. It was the date when the first meeting of Indian National Congress ended in 1885. In case of Miland Brown, he has posted 1094 posts till date.

Today the Open Directory project suggested by Miland Brown has 12324 entries under the category of History. It has 4207 entries under the category of Region. The category of Time period is having 5664 entries. There are 1652 topics under the Topic category.

Further, it has 53 entries on the basis of language though Vietnamese has zero entry.

The open directory project is part of AOL. In one of my email I had sought advice from Miland Brown on how to get leads on the authentic sources. He had suggested about the directories and some other sources. He was quite open in admitting that such places were the sources of getting information.

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  1. Sumir,

    Thanks for your continued support of the World History Blog. I appreciate it.



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