October 19, 2006

Revised list of History Blogs on HNN

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Ralph E. Luker has updated the blogroll on History News Network. It now contains around 500 blogs nicely grouped into categories. No doubt, Ralph E. Luker has imaginatively titled his revised list information as "You can’t Eat a Blogroll". However, there is need to comment that in this manner, one may get at one place the material for one own interest. The bonus is that it is being done intelligently and there are pertinent comments and there will be such citations and references which make it more useful.

I for the one have learnt a lot from the people who are online. I remember here John Simkin through whom I ventured on this method of communication. Soon I found that Internet was not all that easy place. Then came new devices like Wikis and Directories where you can find the relevant source material to substantiate your understanding or just read the opposite version. In addition to that you learn about other issues, topics and activities about which you could have not learnt because of limitation of your milieu.

Ralph has given a note on the latest addition. Apart from reference to AHA, a portal which I visited earlier but forgot to remember the exact name and groped with different phrases on search engines to locate it, there is reference to Digital Historians. Now apart from W Turkel blog, which already includes some highly heavy reference to fellow workers, I have new blogs to look at.

Further, he has added four blogs from Asia wherein this blog has found place. At the end of Cliopatria’s Appendices, it is stated as "Categories are an abstraction. Many blogs do not categorize well. We've done the best we can. Neither category, order or position are intended as value or quality judgements." It is quite an understandable noting on the work done by Cliopatria. My blog has been placed in the category of region. I have never intended to make it as blog of regional history. I had named it hurriedly because there was such exuberance at the time of making the blog that I never thought for why I am naming it as it is today. It was later, I specified that it would deal with philosophy of history, methodology and online resources. I consider historian a person without a nation. Rather, for a historian, the humanity is his nation. It is the time and space function as watched through records or sources which makes the historian. Thus the motive was specified in the header. However, the blog has found the place under a region category and specified as an Asian region blog. Well as far as my origin is concerned, I am an Asian. Secondly, after looking at the category and inclusion of the blog, I was made to review the overall character of my blog. I found that though I profess lofty ideas about my understanding of history, I have made more pertinent observation about one country, one place and a specific time period. In case of time period, I have remained true to my liking for eighteen and nineteenth century. No doubt, I have made comments about Gandhi Era and referred to Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Mohd. Ali Jinnah and historiography on that period, but, calendars do not decide that a phase ends with the printed date. For India, 1947 has remained a nineteenth century. The calendar date may be a convenient reference but history makes it own time periods. It has made eighteen and nineteenth century interesting for me. It may not be same with others. As far as region is concerned, I think, now even the space time paradigm will change. Shooting off the tangent!! Ok, Let me break away at this point.

Anyhow, I will continue with my activity as such. I am coming up with more postings. I have completed reading of one of the book. (I make three to four reading of a book then I start making points. May be cognition and comprehension not all that good? But it is how I do it.) Now, I have a list of blogs through an authoritative source. It will help to remain in touch with the direction of new trends.

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