July 18, 2006


The blogspot, Typepad and geocities sites are blocked in India.

The bloggers were using various proxy servers to reach their sites. They were using pkblogs.com for blogspot sites.

It seems that it is now blocked. It also shows that blocking is being done intentionally. It is not that it is has been done by some foolish babu or something like that.

The government is becoming nasty. It is crub on fundsmental right of freedom of expression. The emergency days seems to be returning. No Pakistan has a case to present before Bush that India is more dictorial than General Musharaff.

On can keep on ranting on it. But it seems now is the time to take up some concrete action and check how this new technology can be a force.

An Update (July 20, 2006): It seems that pkblogs.com sometimes go off the web for some time. It might be that I had accessed it at such a time that prompted me to make the above remark.

The portal pkblogs.com is very much alive. Just visit the link "Funny Message on blocking the Access".

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