March 20, 2006

Civil War Memory

Civil War Memory (Kindly read the note below as this link is defunt now)
I have come across this blog through History News Network.
Presently I am working on Civil War therefore, it has attracted my attention. I have given a very casual look at the contents. But I got interested because it has links to sources and it is a blog by a history teacher. I hope to get some like minded activity on this blog and explore it soon and make comments on this very posting.
Kindly note that Kevin the author of above blog has migrated to Civil War Memory
The same information is also posted by the author himself below in the comment section of this very posting.
I have found that many bloggers, especially those like Kevin who blog regularly, they migrate to other services. Is there any major reason behind it?
As far I am concerned, I am quite comfortable with Blogspot services. I am not that regular. There is major problem of electricity which is very erratic. As a result, You do not get time to make your posting after doing your job. However, even then, I think, I do not find any need to check other services.
Date: April 28, 2006. 8. 30 AM


  1. Just wanted to let you know that Civil War Memory can now be found at the following URL:

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Mr. Sharma,

    Please be aware that learning about the Civil War through someone like Kevin Levin and his blog will NOT give you an accurate view of the conflict. I suggest reading Shelby Foote or James Robertson.

    Kevin tries to make judgements about the past using today's standards, which is ludicrous. In particular, he denigrates southern history by not seeking a broad enough view of racial issues in the American North and the European colonies. His conclusions are that it's okay to change the perceived as well as physical landscape in the South that fits into his current political belief system. Thanks, Jim


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