May 18, 2005

Musing on Mechanism of Rise of Euro-centric World

It is not for nothing that Christians claim that it was duty given by god to civilize the whole. In Europe, they first converted the barbaric races. They followed the rules of St. Benedict. If you try to visualize that what they had done, you can well appreciate that it was job done under some divine guidance. They could have died at the hands of the barbarians. But they converted the barbarians. They had been doing this since the old days. Then consider the achievements of Europe. It is not for nothing that the people of Europe could boost of the biggest achievements in world. There were many civilizations. There was Chinese and Indian civilizations which have sruvived till this day. Other civilization of Egypt, Mesopotamia or South American civilizations, they all have perished by now. The leading country of world, America, is nothing new but a by product of England.
All such achievements have been made by the people who had been following the Christian faith. There is another religion like Buddhism which could also be called an important religion. But the achievements of Christians and the Europeans did not need certification from any one to claim the superiority over all other.
Other religions may not like to accept it. However it is a fact. In their denial of superiority to this religion and the people of this part of the world, they are just recognizing what they just do not want to accept. However, it is a fact and will remain a fact whether they accept it or not.

However, the major thing is that it was the spiritual forces which worked by the name of Christianity faith that has done all this. The materialist may not accept religion, but there is an aspect of human existence which can be called the spiritual desire. It is a hunger as well as a force which moves the man. You can remove the concept of God out of it but even then, there is something in human beings which is more important to make them to do work and do wonders.

Two Paramount Factors:
The blocking of trade routes and urge to spread your religious views were the two paramount factors which changed the contours of history.
While writing history, you just try to place the happenings in the chronological order. However, while doing so, suddenly the reasoning faculty of your brains starts giving you such impulses in form of neuron feelings that suggest to some laws and working of unknown forces behind those events which worked to create those happenings.
But the question arises that why it was only the Europeans who went out of their place. In case of Buddhism, the similar activities were carried out during the period of Asoka. Why did the similar result not appear in his case? It was also the urge of the emperor to spread the religious view. He was pursuing the non-violence route. Does that mean that missionaries carried the violent route? No, that is not true. However, side by side of the activities of the missionaries there were traders who were ready to adopt the violent routes to achieve their profit motives. The next question which arises here is that was not the traders of India or China have the similar urge. They could have also followed. It seems, that this development and mechanism which came into play in case of the spread of Europe is suggesting some law which come into play when trade and religion move out together.

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