February 23, 2005

What would have happened, had Britain supported the war efforts of Confederation of America during the Civil War?

Was not the Civil War continuation of the American War of Independence? Were not many conflicts which had given birth to America actually settled in 1865 War?

The rise of America as an independent country, the process of its emergence, the struggle of humanity to make this continent habitable for the people who were coming from Europe, all such things really fascinate and mesmerize. When you read the British historians on the rise of America as an Independent country, you find they fail in their efforts to give satisfactory explanation that why the people decided to separate themselves from Britain when just few years back they had celebrated the coronation of King George III. Similarly, the attempt of the American historians to explain that it was the American Spirit which had come alive that created America lacks somewhere in convincing the un-satiated curiosity of mind on such issues.. In history reading we come across many such issues which leave us unsatisfied. There is another similar issue. Why did French Revolution take place in 1789 and only in France.

Like human nature, history also defy reasoning. You have to learn to understand how the things have turned up. Hegel seems to be right that it is gradual revelation of the ultimate idea and what is that ultimate idea which is running the show of this humanity is yet to come up before us!!

Special Note:
This is an article which
was once published on BBC.com history section. Why did they remove it, I do not
know. Irene, the H-Host first acknowledged them and found them great but after
they had removed the article I was not able to log in again and they neither
responded to my mails.

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